Silicon Dreams is an electronic music festival with the cream of synth and pop.

For 2014, we have improved the format and are proud to bring the event to the birth city of British popular music – Liverpool.

 Saturday 7th June 2014, O2 Academy Liverpool

Northern Kind

As we move on to 2014, a change of opportunities and life events mean that Sarah leaves the NK project to be replaced by Charlie Sanderson (of Electrobelle). A new chapter for NK begins, with a few treats in store…


Simon Owen (Synths & Vocals), Rebecca Owen (Synths & Vocals), Noel Canney (Synths) and Shane J Peters (Artistic collaboration) Future Perfect is a band based in North Wales and Ireland and the USA.

Vile Electrodes

Sometimes the machines rebel. Unpredictability and excitement reign, but the performance is always a genuine, passionate and fun experience. Never the same twice, and full of warmth, humour and energy.

Future Perfect

Simon Owen (Synths & Vocals), Rebecca Owen (Synths & Vocals), Noel Canney (Synths) and Shane J Peters (Artistic collaboration) Future Perfect is a band based in North Wales and Ireland and the USA.

Congratulations to Vile Electrodes

Winners of two Schallwelle Awards in Germany – Best International Album and Best International Artist.

Northern Kind headlined our inaugural 2013 event alongside the legendary Heaven 17.

They join us in Liverpool this year, alongside Vile Electrodes, Future Perfect and Tenek.

Each of these bands have their own devoted following, but if you’re not familiar with their work then we look forward to introducing them to you. If you love electronic music, then you will love Silicon Dreams.

Between performances we will be joined by two highly respected DJs in the electronic world. Tracy “Electric Dream” McKenzie is the mastermind behind London’s Bedsitland events. A mixture of shiny electronic pop from the classic era to present day, they have proved to be a popular evolution from the Blitz Club scene.  We will also be joined by Dave Charles from Harborough FM. Dave is well-known for his DJ sets at many club nights and electronic music events across Europe, as well as his Sunday night radio show which showcases new bands every week.

DJ Electric Dream

DJ Electric Dream is the brainchild behind London’s only dedicated synthpop/electropop clubnight – BEDSITLAND.

Fed up with the same old songs everywhere, she decided to start her own night, playing the non-obvious tracks from the 80s as well as unleashing new electronic bands that fit in well with the era! (Coincidently, all bands on the bill have played live at BEDSITLAND more than once!)

She also regularly guest DJs at other electro/synth/80s nights around the UK including Infest (the UKs premier Electronic Festival), Only After Dark and Reptile; and she’s looking forward to her first stint in Liverpool.

Dave Charles

Dave is one of the most established and well-known DJs in the UK electronic music scene. His radio show on a Sunday night broadcasts on Harborough FM and the internet to a national audience and beyond, with a loyal following of listeners in the UK, mainland Europe and the USA. As well as showcasing the best of new electronic bands on his radio show, he is a familiar face at festivals across Europe.

The night won’t end there. After the main event, Silicon Dreams guests are invited to join us for Silicon Nightmares – a late-night aftershow party just a few minutes away in the Georgian quarter of the city. This will be hosted by Graham and Richie from the former Pink Parrot Club in Liverpool. For many years, the Parrot was the club for the alternative scene and fans of electronic and New Wave music. The night will feature music from over fifty artists from the classic era, from Gary Numan, to Cabaret Voltaire, OMD and Heaven 17.

Once the night is over, you will then have the opportunity to join us for Silicon Daydreams – a Sunday afternoon “chillout” hosted by Matt Culpin (Northern Kind) and Martin Swan (Vile Electrodes). It’ll be ambient, atmospheric and very informal, and the perfect end to a hard days’ night of electronic partying!

The main event, aftershow party and Sunday “chillout” are all included in the one ticket price. We hope you’ll enjoy it! Moreover, Silicon Dreams will be a perfect complement to Liverpool and the vibrant music scene which the city offers. To our locals, it will offer something special. To those who are travelling from further afield, we encourage you to come for a full weekend and enjoy the many attractions which the city has to offer.

If you have any queries, please do not hesitate to contact us. We look forward to you joining us on June 7th!

Electronic music has evolved since it first appeared in the late 1960s. Early pioneers such as Wendy Carlos and Kraftwerk are seen as the icons who introduced a new and exciting genre of music. This evolved as the 1970s progressed, and by the end of the decade Britain had its own electronic music pioneers such as The Human League, Orchestral Manoevres in the Dark, Gary Numan, Cabaret Voltaire and Depeche Mode. By the 1980s, pop music became dominated by electronic bands and artists in what is often seen as the golden era of the synth.

For many, the synthesizer never went away and there are many creative, vibrant and brilliant bands coming to the fore once again. Silicon Dreams will feature live performances from some of the very best new and original bands around today.