Future Perfect

Members : Simon Owen (Synths & Vocals), Rebecca Owen (Synths & Vocals), Noel Canney (Synths) and Shane J Peters (Artistic collaboration) Future Perfect is a band based in North Wales and Ireland and the USA.
The core members, Simon and Rebecca started Future Perfect in 2009 and started work on their debut release, Dirty Little Secrets that came out in 2010. Both Simon and Rebecca were involved in other music projects at the time, but after focusing their energies on the FP project wrote and recorded their debut single, Hunter.
The song and its music video firmly established FP as something new and very different on the UK electronica scene. With it’s Matrix influenced music video, the song was an introduction of things to come.

Future Perfect – Paradise

This video for the lead track of the 2nd album, Escape and is a change in sound for the band.  Previously, Rebecca was doing all lead vocals, on Escape, we both shared vocals to enhance and evolve our sound. The video was filmed by Rob Spaull, who had worked on our previous video “Hunter”.

The video was shot against a green screen draped over his kitchen door with us standing in front of it.  The CGI graphics were generated in time with the drum pattern of the song, hence why the pulsing graphic match the time perfectly.   The song itself is about escaping from reality, going into a fantasy world and being whatever you want to be.   The subsequent song on the album, Escape, was about coming back from the fantasy and back to reality.

Dirty Little Secrets

The album, Dirty Little Secrets was released independently to great acclaim and reached the top of many worldwide “Best of year” blogs and opinions.


The 2nd album, Escape, was released in 2012 and was influenced by turbulent times in both Simon and Rebecca’s lives after both enduring marriage break-ups and then getting together as a couple in their own right. Also, Simon was now establishing himself as a vocalist and songwriter himself, leading to a very diverse range of styles and more aggressive Futurepop feel on the album. To say that escape was the “2nd difficult album” would be understating things.

Future Perfect

Future Perfect were then signed up by German electronica label, Conzoom for a 3 album deal and are label-mates with Australian duo, Parralox. Once again, the album was received to great acclaim and hit top 3 in the European Electronica Charts in 2012.