Parralox is an Australian synthpop band formed by John von Ahlen in 2008. Originally featuring lead vocalist Rowena “Roxy” Martin and producer, songwriter John von Ahlen of dance act Nova; the band has undergone a number of lineup changes, most notably the replacement of lead vocalist Roxy with Amii Jackson and the addition of The Human League’s Ian Burden on bass guitar.
Their debut single “I Fell In Love With A Drum Machine” released February 2008, caught the attention of the international EDM community propelling the duo from local to international prominence.[1] In 2009, Parralox remixed Swedish electronica artist Emmon’s (other languages) “Lips On Fire” single earning the band an official release on Wonderland Records.[2] Parralox digitally distribute their music through independent label Subterrane Records; in 2009 the band signed to German electro label, Conzoom Records. Parralox have gained support and acclaim from Perez Hilton and veteran music blogger, Arjan Writes.[3][4]
The band have performed internationally in Germany, Sweden, Spain, US and England and are currently promoting their latest studio album, “Subculture”.